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We are dedicated exclusively to incoming tourism, offer stays, transfers and excursions. With a long experience in travels we adapt to the needs of our customers by creating all kinds of trips and unique experiences. We specialize in exclusive VIP tourism besides offering any custom travel in Spain.

Tourism With Style is a family business established in 2004 and founded by Khaled and Samer Kuria. The company owes its current position to the work initiated by Mr Burhan Kuria more than 40 years ago.

Tourism With Style counts with a professional team with long experience in the tourism field, having offices in Barcelona and Dubai and Qatar.

c/Abadesa Olzet, 14 Bis I 08034, Barcelona Spain I TEL +34 93 280 60 81 I FAX +34 93 205 30 18 I info@tourismwithstyle.com