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Barcelona is a city that invites you to stroll, climate, the Mediterranean light, the atmosphere in the streets full of life, its architecture, its history, its genius all each of these elements make this city is the result of a work both divine and human. You can find many different ways and the result will always be a magnanimous impact enveloping the visitor in a powerful magic.

Through our Guided Tours of Barcelona you can meet the conformation characteristic of the urban, ancient and modern at once tissue, are presenting very charming and picturesque features that are substantiated in the linear geometry of the blocks from the center, between the large arteries and the dazzling Mediterranean disorder called Gothic Quarter, the old medieval heart of the city and one of the best preserved medieval quarters in the world.

With our Barcelona Personalized Walking Tours you can know the bohemian atmosphere of the late nineteenth early twentieth century in the footsteps of Picasso and all the neighborhood grouped as much of what has been preserved from the old medieval Barcelona.

It is best to get an overview of the city and its most important monuments.

In our Guided tours we give priority to reach places that requires a vehicle. The intention is that the visitor is impregnated with the magic of this city its charms and contrasts united with a wonderful urban harmony today; Barcelona is a great architectural reference in Europe.

Our itinerary is not lost any corner of the city from the oldest building in the city to the most modern and current. If walking on the "Ciutat Vella" the heart of Barcelona's famous Gothic Quarter, the core of the medieval set, until the mid-nineteenth century, was surrounded by walls, is discovered through its maze of streets old arrived at the cathedral, which dates back to the thirteenth century. The nearby Plaza del Rei is the historical center of the district, with Gothic buildings that were part of Palau Major, residence of the Catalan Kings: the SaloTinell, the Chapel of St. Agatha and the Palau del Lloctinent. This district is the historical and political center of Barcelona.

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